Black Dog "Rave" complete, high flex, up to 55 kg

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This complete is for light riders. The black high gloss deck is thinner and lighter than the regular RAVE deck, therefore it has a very high flex and is suitable for a riders' weight up to 55 kg.

Deck: Black Dog "RAVE", high flex, 7 ply canadian maple, Length 72 cm, Width 26,5 cm, Concave 1 cm

Fork (front): Black Dog "F-13", black anodized, 3mm pad

Truck (front): Bennett "Vector", 150mm, black, Riptide bushings APS 80a

Truck (rear): Black Dog Zero Degree Truck "ZDT", black anodized, 3mm pad

Wheels: Orangatang "Kegel", 80mm, 80a, orange

Griptape: Black Diamond

Bearings: Bullseye ABEC 9