Black Dog "RAVE 90", complete, natural

329,00 €


If you love to push and prefer a real lowrider this is the perfect board for you. The Black Dog "ZZ Drop" brackets get you to the ground as low as possible.

Black Dog Deck "RAVE", natural, no griptape, Length 72 cm, Width 26,5 cm, Concave 1 cm, Riders weight up to 90 kg.

Black Dog Brackets "ZZ Drop", superlight weight bracket system made out of a very high tensile aluminum (silver, EN AW 7075).

Truck (front, rear): Bennett "Vector" 150mm, black, stock bushings

Bigfoot "Mountain Cruisers", diameter: 76mm, durometer: 80a, color: clear red

Bearings: Bullseye ABEC 5

Griptape: Diamond Black